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Polar Pro Polarizer Cube Filter for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4


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  • Reduces glare off water/snow
  • Increases contrast
  • Captures crisp clean videos


In stock


Polar Pro Polarizer Cube Filter for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4

Enhance Clarity and Elevate Your Filmmaking

Capture breathtaking footage with the Polar Pro Polarizer Cube Filter designed for GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and 4. This essential accessory is a powerful tool to combat glare, particularly effective when filming near water or snow. Utilizing advanced OptiRez technology, the Polarizer Cube Filter ensures superior clarity, reducing overexposure and enhancing contrast for exceptional video quality. Tailored for outdoor filming in bright sunny conditions, this filter is your go-to solution for achieving the best-looking videos, whether you’re immersed in the wilderness or navigating extreme backcountry terrain.

Key Features:

Glare Reduction for Crisp Imagery:

Say goodbye to unwanted glare in your videos. The Polarizer Cube Filter excels at reducing glare, especially in challenging environments like near water or snow, allowing you to capture scenes with enhanced clarity and crispness.

OptiRez Technology for Superior Clarity:

Experience unparalleled visual quality with the aid of OptiRez technology. This advanced feature ensures that your footage maintains superior clarity, free from distortions, artifacts, or optical imperfections.

Contrast Enhancement and Overexposure Reduction:

The Polarizer Cube Filter goes beyond glare reduction, delivering increased contrast and effectively reducing overexposure in your videos. Enjoy well-balanced, vivid imagery in bright and sunny conditions.

Cinematic Excellence in Any Environment:

Whether you’re shooting cinematography in the wild or navigating extreme terrains, this polarizer filter is crafted to provide the best-looking video possible. Elevate your filmmaking with exceptional image quality that stands out in every frame.


In conclusion, the Polar Pro Polarizer Cube Filter stands as an indispensable tool for GoPro users aiming to elevate the quality of their videos. With a focus on reducing glare, enhancing clarity through OptiRez technology, and effectively managing contrast and overexposure, this filter ensures that your footage is nothing short of cinematic excellence. Tailored for outdoor filming in bright sunny conditions, the Polarizer Cube Filter is your trusted companion for capturing vivid, crisp imagery, whether you’re in the wild or tackling extreme backcountry challenges. Elevate your filmmaking experience with a filter designed to deliver exceptional results in any environment.

Compatible with:

  • GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4 Dive Housing

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