Gopro Hero 3 & 4 Wrist Housing


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  • One left, No Packaging
  • Free Freight
  • For Mounting GoPro on Wrist or Arm
  • Also Straps to Sports Gear & Equipment
  • Neoprene Wrist Strap with Touch Fastener
  • Supports Hands-Free Recording & Photos
  • Pivots Upright When You Want to Record
  • Housing Waterproof Down to 197′
  • Fits Over Gloves with Included Adapter
  • Compatible with HERO3 / HERO3+ / HERO4

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GoPro Hero 3 & 4 Wrist Housing – Wearable Versatility for Seamless Capture

Only one left, No Packaging

Transform your GoPro experience with the Hero 3 & 4 Wrist Housing, a wearable solution that secures your camera like a watch, offering unmatched flexibility for on-the-go recording. Whether you’re capturing action shots or immersive video, this housing is designed to enhance your hands-free shooting experience.

Wearable Convenience:

The Wrist Housing positions your GoPro like a wristwatch, allowing you to pivot the camera upright swiftly whenever you’re ready to capture the moment. Enjoy the freedom of keeping both hands free while having your GoPro conveniently accessible for instant recording.

Adaptable to Sports Gear:

Strap the housing to various sports gear and equipment, including kayak paddles, kitesurfing kites, and more. The neoprene wrist strap with touch fastener ensures a secure fit, providing stability for your camera during dynamic activities.

Hands-Free Recording:

Experience the convenience of hands-free recording and photography. You can effortlessly pivot your GoPro upright to start recording, ensuring that you never miss a second of the action.

Waterproof Durability:

Designed for adventurers, the Wrist Housing is waterproof down to 197 feet, thanks to the included GoPro Dive Housing. Take your GoPro underwater and capture stunning footage without compromising on quality.

Versatile Adapter Inclusion:

Enhance flexibility with the included adapter, allowing the Wrist Housing to fit over bulky gear like ski gloves or a winter jacket. This adaptability ensures that you can use your GoPro comfortably in various environments.


In conclusion, the GoPro Hero 3 & 4 Wrist Housing redefines the possibilities of on-the-go recording. With its wearable convenience, adaptability to sports gear, hands-free recording capabilities, waterproof durability, and versatile adapter inclusion, this housing is a must-have for adventurers seeking a seamless and flexible GoPro experience. Capture your moments with unparalleled ease and accessibility.

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Compatibility GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4
Mount Type Neoprene wrist strap with touch fastener
Housing Waterproof to 60 meters