GoPro Floaty for HERO 8 Black


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Key Features:

  • GoPro Floaty for HERO8 Black
  • Buoyant accessory for water activities
  • Wraparound design for accessibility
  • Cushioned padding for impact protection
  • Tether point for added security


In stock


GoPro Floaty for HERO8 Black

GoPro Floaty for HERO8 Black – Stay Afloat, Capture Uninterrupted Adventures

Ensure your GoPro HERO8 Black stays afloat and protected with the GoPro Floaty. This easy-to-spot accessory is designed for water enthusiasts, providing added buoyancy and cushioned padding for worry-free snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding, and more. With a wraparound design that allows access to all essential features, the Floaty is the perfect companion for water-based adventures.

Buoyancy for Uninterrupted Filming:

The GoPro Floaty is a must-have for water activities, keeping your HERO8 Black afloat and visible. Don’t let the fear of accidental drops in the water interrupt your filming – the Floaty ensures your camera stays on the surface, ready to capture every moment.

Designed for Water Adventures:

Whether you’re snorkeling in clear waters, catching waves while surfing, or wakeboarding with friends, the Floaty adds an extra layer of security to your HERO8 Black. Enjoy water activities without the worry of losing your camera beneath the surface.

Wraparound Design for Accessibility:

The Floaty’s wraparound design ensures you maintain access to all your camera’s essential features. Buttons, touch screen, and folding fingers remain easily accessible for seamless operation and convenient mounting, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Cushioned Padding for Protection:

In addition to buoyancy, the Floaty provides cushioned padding to protect your HERO8 Black from impacts. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the camera shield protects against accidental bumps, enhancing its durability in extreme conditions.

Tether Point for Added Security:

For extreme conditions, the Floaty includes a tether point for added security. Attach a tether to your camera and gear, ensuring an extra layer of protection in turbulent water or high-action scenarios.


In conclusion, the GoPro Floaty for HERO8 Black is the ideal companion for water enthusiasts. With its buoyancy, wraparound design for accessibility, cushioned padding for impact protection, and tether point for added security, the Floaty ensures your HERO8 Black is ready for action in any water-based adventure. Capture your moments with confidence – the Floaty is where buoyancy meets uninterrupted filming.

1Floaty will not support the additional weight of GoPro accessories.


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