Phottix M500R RGB Light


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  • 90 warm and 90 cool bulbs
  • 96 RGB bulbs
  • RGB, CCT, and HSI modes
  • Intuitive controls
  • 21 scenario effects
  • Type C charging


In stock

Phottix M500R RGB Light

A Revolutionary Lighting Solution for Dynamic Visuals!

Elevate your photography and videography to new heights with the Phottix M500R RGB Light, a versatile and powerful lighting tool designed to inspire your creativity. Packed with advanced features and intuitive controls, this RGB light ensures you achieve professional-grade lighting effects with ease.

Key Features:

RGB Mode: Immerse yourself in a world of colors with RGB mode. The M500R boasts 96 RGB color bulbs, allowing you to unleash your creativity and craft captivating scenes with dynamic and vibrant lighting effects. Take control of the color spectrum and infuse your visuals with a burst of energy.

HSI Mode: Achieve precision in color reproduction with HSI mode. Fine-tune your lighting with controls for Hue, Saturation, and Intensity. This mode empowers you to create atmospheres and moods that perfectly complement your artistic vision.

CCT Mode: Perfect your lighting conditions with CCT mode, offering adjustable color temperature ranging from a warm 90 to a cool 90 bulbs. Ensure your subjects are bathed in natural, true-to-life lighting that enhances their appearance.

21 Scenario effects: Explore new lighting possibilities with 21 lighting effects like TV, candle, and police.

Power Control: Take command of your lighting intensity with power control. Adjust the brightness to suit your specific requirements, from subtle and ambient lighting to powerful illumination for attention-grabbing visuals.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI): Enjoy exceptional color accuracy with a CRI of 96+. The M500R ensures that your subjects are portrayed with lifelike colors and skin tones.

Maximum Power and Efficiency: Experience impressive brightness with a maximum power of 18.5W while maintaining energy efficiency. The M500R provides a powerful and reliable lighting source for your creative endeavors.

Adjustable Mounting Options: Customize your lighting setup with the 1/4 20 mounting hole and adjustable bracket. Achieve the perfect angle and positioning for your shots, whether mounted on a tripod, stand, or handheld configuration.

Intuitive Controls: Navigate through modes, adjust settings, and control power effortlessly with two control dials, a mode button, and a convenient on/off switch. The rear control LCD provides clear visibility, allowing quick access to essential information.


The Phottix M500R RGB Light stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of lighting solutions. With RGB, HSI, and CCT modes, precise power control, high CRI, and versatile bulb configurations, this RGB light empowers creators to push the boundaries of their visual storytelling. Unleash your imagination and capture visuals that leave a lasting impression.

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