SmokeGENIE Cloud Formula – 120mL


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  • 120mL bottle
  • compatible with SmokeGENIE and SmokeNINJA


Available on back-order


SmokeGENIE 120ml Cloud Formula Fluid

Elevate Your Atmosphere with Safety and Performance

Enhance your atmospheric effects with the SmokeGENIE 120ml Cloud Formula Fluid, meticulously crafted for use exclusively in the SmokeGENIE Atomizing Smoke Chamber. This cloud formula delivers not only extended runtime but also a superior performance, creating a captivating ambiance for various settings.

Key Features:

Optimized Runtime: The 120ml Cloud Formula bottle ensures extended runtime for your SmokeGENIE, allowing you to create captivating scenes for hours on end.

Liquid Consumption Usage: Tailor your atmospheric effects with different power/fog settings, ranging from Level 1 to Level 5. Achieve optimal results with precise liquid consumption per full tank, providing flexibility for various applications.

MSDS Certified Food-Safe Formula: Prioritize safety without compromising on performance. Our unique Cloud Formula is MSDS-certified, ensuring material safety. Main ingredients, common in skincare and cosmetic products, make it food-safe and pleasantly scented. It eliminates traditional smoke irritation.

Fog Liquid Composition: The formula comprises VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol), guaranteeing a safe and effective fogging experience.

For Use with SmokeGENIE or SmokeNINJA: Enjoy seamless compatibility with SmokeGENIE or SmokeNINJA, unlocking the full potential of your atmospheric effects.


In conclusion, the SmokeGENIE 120ml Cloud Formula Fluid is a game-changer for those seeking a perfect blend of safety and performance. With optimized runtime, versatile power settings, and a certified food-safe formula, it ensures a captivating atmosphere without compromise. Elevate your creative endeavors with a cloud formula designed to perform seamlessly.

For Use with SmokeGENIE or SmokeNINJA