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Celly Click Light Pro


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  • Free Freight
  • Clip-on Design
  • Compatible with Smartphones & Tablets
  • Adjustable Brightness Settings
  • 36 LED Lights
  • Larger than the Original Celly Click Light
  • Universal Compatible Clip Mount


In stock


Celly Click Light Pro

Product Description: Celly Click Light Pro – Elevate Your Selfie Game

Product Overview:

The Click Light Pro is your key to achieving flawless selfies with a soft and even glow. This versatile accessory, designed for compatibility with smartphones and tablets, features a clip-on design and adjustable brightness settings. With 36 LED lights, it outshines its predecessor, the Original Click Light, delivering superior illumination for picture-perfect selfies.

Key Features of the Celly Click Light Pro:

1. Clip-on Design:

The innovative clip-on design ensures universal compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, providing a hassle-free setup within seconds. The Click Light Pro secures firmly to your device, guaranteeing a stable and reliable source of illumination.

2. Compatible with Smartphones & Tablets:

Designed to fit a broad range of mobile devices, the Click Light Pro enhances your selfie experience on smartphones and tablets alike. Its adaptability makes it an essential tool for capturing stunning moments on various devices.

3. Adjustable Brightness Settings:

Tailor the lighting to your preferences with three distinct brightness modes. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a radiant shine, the Celly Click Light Pro allows you to effortlessly achieve the ideal lighting for your selfies.

4. 36 LED Lights:

Featuring 36 individual LEDs, the Click Light Pro surpasses its predecessor in brightness and coverage. The circular layout of the LEDs creates catch-lights in your eyes, resulting in a softer and more flattering light for your selfies.

5. Larger than the Original Celly Click Light:

With an expanded size, the Click Light Pro provides a more extensive and immersive lighting experience compared to the original model, ensuring your selfies stand out with enhanced vibrancy.

6. Universal Compatible Clip Mount:

The clip mount system guarantees quick and secure attachment, making the Click Light Pro an ideal accessory for on-the-go selfie enthusiasts. Its universal compatibility ensures it seamlessly integrates with your device.


Elevate your selfie game with the Click Light Pro, a versatile and powerful accessory designed for compatibility, convenience, and captivating illumination. Upgrade your selfie experience and let your radiant personality shine through with this essential tool for capturing picture-perfect moments.


Enhance your selfies with Celly Click Light Pro – versatile clip-on design, adjustable brightness, and 36 LEDs for flawless photos on smartphones and tablets.