Nitecore MH25 Pro Long Throw Flashlight


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  • Versatile Lighting Modes
  • Convenient Rechargeability
  • Durable Construction
  • Proximity Sensor



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Nitecore MH25 Pro Long Throw Flashlight

Illuminate Your Path with the Nitecore MH25 Pro Long Throw Flashlight

The Nitecore MH25 Pro is a rechargeable flashlight that combines impressive brightness and long-range throw, making it an essential tool for everyday carry, police duty, search and rescue, or outdoor adventures like hiking and hunting. With its innovative NiteLab UHi 40 LED, this flashlight boasts a powerful 3300 lumen output and an exceptional throw of 771 yards, providing unparalleled visibility even in the darkest environments.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Lighting Modes. The MH25 Pro offers two modes – Daily and Tactical. In Daily mode, users have access to five brightness levels, as well as Strobe, Beacon, and SOS functions, all conveniently indicated by level indicators. Tactical mode provides access to all brightness settings and Strobe, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.
  2. Convenient Rechargeability. Powered by a high-capacity 5300mAh battery, the MH25 Pro can be easily recharged via its built-in waterproof USB-C port. Battery level indicators next to the side button keep you informed of the remaining charge, while the flashlight can run for over 650 hours on its lowest mode when fully charged.
  3. Durable Construction. Crafted from aero-grade aluminum alloy with an HA III hard-anodized finish, the MH25 Pro is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. It boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions, while advanced temperature regulation prevents overheating and ensures consistent performance.
  4. Proximity Sensor. The MH25 Pro features a proximity sensor that automatically adjusts brightness when it detects nearby obstructions. This preventing overheating and blinding reflections. This feature enhances safety and convenience during prolonged use.


The Nitecore MH25 Pro Long Throw Flashlight is a reliable companion for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With its powerful illumination, versatile lighting modes, convenient rechargeability, and durable construction. The MH25 Pro is ready to light up your adventures and help you tackle any task with confidence.


Illuminate your path with the Nitecore MH25 Pro Long Throw Flashlight. With its powerful brightness, versatile modes, and durable construction, it’s perfect for everyday carry and outdoor adventures.

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Max Output 3,300 Lumens
Max Beam Distance 705 m
Max Beam Intens ity 124,300 cd
Max Run time 650 h 0 m / 27.08 d
LED NiteLab UHi 40 LED
Reflector SMO
Battery 1 × 21700
Special Modes STROBE
Beam color White Light
Length 153.6 mm / 6.05 in
Head Size 40 mm / 1.57 in
Weight 130 g / 4.59 oz
Feature Rechargeable, Tail Stand
Activity Search, Outdoor/Camping, Emergency