Nitecore BR35 Bike Light

Max Output 1800 lumens
Max Beam Distance 170 m
Max Beam Intensity 7750 cd
Max Runtime 17 h 0 m / 0.7 d
Rechargeable Li-ion
Special Modes Caution Light
Beam color White light
Activity Outdoor/Camping


Nitecore BR35 Bike Light

The Nitecore BR35 is the perfect bike light for riding at night. It has a dual lighting system for close and long range, with a powerfull 1800 Lumens. The BR35 has a built in 6800mah Li-ion battery. Utilizes 2 CREE XM-L2 U2 LED’s to emit a blinding output, with a beam distance of upto 176m.

The BR35 has multiple modes: City Mode, Road Mode and Trail Mode.

City Mode: Short Range Beam and Momentary Long Range Beam. The angled down short range beam is designed for urban riding and the long range can be momentary switched on for forward view and better visibility.


Road Mode: Alternates between short range and long range beam. The long range beam is best for unlit roads and effectively broadens users horizon. When confronting on coming cars the short range can be switched on which is facing downwards avoiding blinding other drivers.


Trail Mode: Short range beam, and long range beam. It creates broad visibility without creating a dead zone in the lighting to easily cope with off road riding.