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Ilford Delta 3200 Black & White (120mm)


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  • Panchromatic B&W Negative Film
  • ISO 3200/36° in Standard Process
  • High Speed, Very Wide Exposure Latitude
  • Ideal for Difficult Lighting Conditions


In stock


Ilford Delta 3200 Professional – 120mm

Mastering Low Light Excellence

Unleash the power of low-light photography with ILFORD DELTA 3200 Professional, a high-speed black and white film designed for capturing quality images in challenging conditions. Tailored for action shots and available light scenarios, this film is your go-to choice for pushing the boundaries of exposure.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Mastery:

    • DELTA 3200 Professional is engineered for high-speed performance, allowing photographers to excel in low light conditions. Capture the essence of the moment with clarity and precision, even in challenging environments.
  2. Extended Exposure Range:

    • Designed to be exposed at EI 3,200/36 and given extended development, this film provides an extended exposure range. Experiment with meter settings from EI 400/27 to EI 6400/39 to achieve the desired mood and atmosphere in your shots.
  3. Professional Developers:

    • Achieve optimal results with recommended developers such as ILFORD ILFOTEC DD-X, ILFORD MICROPHEN, and ILFORD ID-11. These developers complement the film’s characteristics, ensuring professional-grade images.
  4. Available Formats:

    • Choose from 35mm film in 36-exposure cassettes with DX coding, suitable for all 35mm cameras. DELTA 3,200 Professional roll film is available in 120 lengths, edge-numbered 1 to 19, providing versatility in your creative pursuits.


  • ILFORD DELTA 3200 Professional: Master Low-Light Excellence
  • High-Speed Mastery for Challenging Conditions
  • Extended Exposure Range: EI 400/27 to EI 6400/39
  • Professional Developers for Optimal Results


Capture the unseen with ILFORD DELTA 3200 Professional. Master low-light excellence with high-speed mastery, extended exposure range, and professional developers for images that transcend boundaries.


ILFORD DELTA 3200 Professional is not just a film; it’s a tool for pushing the boundaries of photography. With its high-speed mastery, extended exposure range, and compatibility with professional developers, this film empowers photographers to venture into the realms of low-light excellence. Elevate your creative vision with DELTA 3,200 Professional and turn challenging conditions into opportunities for extraordinary captures.