Lomography La Sardina DIY camera


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  • lo-fi 35mm film camera
  • multiple exposures
  • blank slate for creativity


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Introducing the La Sardina DIY Lomography Camera – a canvas for your creativity that combines the nostalgic charm of analogue photography with the joy of hands-on customization. Dive into the world of visual storytelling and make every frame a work of art with this unique and playful camera.

Blank Canvas for Imagination:

The La Sardina DIY is not just a camera; it’s a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch. Designed to be customized, this camera comes with a pristine, paintable surface that invites you to unleash your inner artist. Whether you prefer acrylics, markers, or any other medium, transform your camera into a unique piece of art that reflects your individual style.

Wide-Angle Wonder:

Capture the world in all its splendor with the La Sardina DIY’s wide-angle lens. Its 22mm lens lets you fit more into each frame, creating expansive and breathtaking shots that tell a story beyond the confines of a standard lens.

Effortless Shooting:

Despite its creative potential, the La Sardina DIY is incredibly user-friendly. With a fixed focus and two simple settings for aperture and shutter speed, it’s a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced photographers. Just load it with 35mm film, point, and shoot – the camera does the rest.

Sardine Can Inspired Design:

The camera’s design is inspired by a sardine can, complete with a unique winding mechanism that adds a tactile element to your photography experience. It’s a quirky nod to its inspiration and a conversation starter in itself.

Multiple Exposure Capability:

The La Sardina DIY also offers the option for multiple exposures, allowing you to overlay images on the same frame for artistic and dreamlike results. Experiment with double exposures and create visual tales that captivate and mystify.

Built-In Flash:

Illuminate your subjects with the La Sardina DIY’s built-in flash, ensuring that your shots are perfectly lit even in low-light conditions. The flash adds an extra layer of creativity to your photography, making it ideal for both day and night shooting.

Shareable Memories:

With its classic 35mm film format, the La Sardina DIY produces tangible, shareable memories. Experience the anticipation of developing your film and relish the physicality of holding your photos in your hands.

The La Sardina DIY Lomography Camera is more than just a camera. It’s a canvas for your imagination, and a source of endless fun. Customize it to match your unique style, and let your creativity shine through every frame. Dive into the world of analogue photography with this artistic companion and rediscover the magic of capturing memories on film. Embrace the freedom to create and share your visual tales with the La Sardina DIY.

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