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AP Lighted Slide Viewer


Available on back-order


  • Magnification x 2
  • Can run on AA batteries
  • Takes two C type batteries
  • Holds 36 slides
  • Viewing area 75mm x 75mm
  • Made in Spain


Available on back-order


AP Lighted Slide Viewer

Unleash the brilliance of your 35mm slides with the AP Lighted Slide Viewer—an exceptional solution designed for those with a passion for slides but limited space. This desktop viewer seamlessly combines portability, functionality, and quality to offer an unparalleled viewing experience.

Compact Design with Impressive Capacity:

Crafting the AP Lighted Slide Viewer for convenience, we make it perfect for enthusiasts with large volumes of slides and small storage spaces. Its integral magazine can securely hold up to 60 slides, ensuring that your photographic journey is always within reach.

Bright 3-Inch Screen for Perfect Viewing:

Experience the vivid details of your slides on the bright 3-inch (75mm) screen of the AP Lighted Slide Viewer. Each image comes to life with clarity and vibrancy, allowing you to relive every moment captured on your 35mm slides.

Versatile Power Options:

With the flexibility of 2 types of  battery power, the AP Lighted Slide Viewer caters to both. Supplied with a fitted AA battery adapter, it also includes a battery holder and bulb unit (2 x C size batteries, not included) for on-the-go viewing. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy your slides anywhere, anytime.

Quality Magnification and Viewing Screen:

With a magnification of x2 and a high-quality 75mm x 75mm viewing screen, the AP Lighted Slide Viewer brings out the finer details in each slide. Whether you’re admiring modern plastic-framed slides or carefully handling vintage cardboard-framed slides from the 1960s, this viewer is designed to enhance your viewing experience.

Effortless Operation and Loading:

The AP Lighted Slide Viewer, with an adjustable stand and manual loading, makes viewing slides effortless and user-friendly. Automatically load and eject each slide, allowing you to focus on enjoying your photographic treasures.

Made in Spain Assurance:

Precision-crafted with pride, the This Slide Viewer, proudly bearing the “Made in Spain” mark, signifies its quality origin. Trust in the reliability and durability of a product designed with a commitment to excellence.

In conclusion:

The AP Lighted Slide Viewer is not just a viewer; it’s a portal to a world of memories. With its compact design, impressive capacity, bright 3-inch screen, versatile power options, quality magnification, and the assurance of being Made in Spain, this viewer is a must-have for slide enthusiasts. Illuminate your photographic journey with the brilliance of the this Slide Viewer and rediscover the magic captured in each frame.

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