Gopro Travel Kit


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  • GoPro Travel Kit
  • Shorty Mini Extension Pole + Tripod
  • Magnetic Swivel Clip
  • Adventure Capture Accessories
  • Compact and Versatile
  • 360° Swivel for Dynamic Shots
  • Convenient Grab-and-Go Case


In stock


GoPro Travel Kit

Unleash Your Adventure Captures

Embark on your journey fully equipped with the GoPro Travel Kit, a comprehensive bundle designed for the ultimate adventure capture experience. This kit is not just a collection of accessories; it’s a passport to capturing every moment with ease and versatility.

Key Features:

Compact and Versatile:

  • The kit includes the Shorty mini extension pole + tripod, providing an extension of up to 8.9in (22.7cm) for flexible shooting on any level surface.

Magnetic Swivel Clip:

  • Capture dynamic shots by clipping your GoPro to your backpack strap or gear using the Magnetic Swivel Clip. The 360° swivel allows you to frame the perfect shot.

Convenient Storage:

  • All accessories, including the mounting buckle and thumb screw, are neatly bundled in a compact case for grab-and-go convenience.

Secure Your GoPro:

  • The Magnetic Swivel Clip not only clips securely but also features a magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces. This expands your creative possibilities, providing versatile options for positioning and utilizing the clip in various scenarios.


The GoPro Travel Kit is your ticket to seizing the adventure. Compact, versatile, and equipped with a Magnetic Swivel Clip, this kit ensures you capture every angle of your journey effortlessly. Whether it’s clipped to your gear or standing tall with the Shorty, this kit is the perfect travel companion for every GoPro enthusiast. Elevate your adventure captures with the GoPro Travel Kit—a bundle that brings convenience, versatility, and creativity to the palm of your hand.

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