Micro Four Thirds Lenses
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Micro Four Thirds Lenses (MFT) are a compact high quality lens designed to work with MFT mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras.

Compact, lightweight digital lenses that perfectly match the imaging performance of Olympus OM-D & PEN cameras and Panasonic Lumix G Series.  

Micro Four Thirds Lenses are available in a variety of categories including Wide Zoom, Standard Zoom, Telephoto Zoom, Macro, Fisheye and Single Focal Length.

The short distance from sensor to the back of the MFT Lens, combined with the size of the sensor allow these lenses to be extremely compact for their quality and range.


Micro Four Thirds lenses are the standard lens format for all mirrorless compact system cameras. The Micro Four Third mount was introduced in 2008 with a goal to provide DSLR image quality from a compact camera body by removing the SLR mirror box. Micro Four Thirds / m43 lenses can also be used on some digital camcorders.

We have an impressive range of Micro Four Thirds lenses from bright and fast pancakes to portrait lenses, super zooms and telephoto lenses.


With the MFT System, you will be able to enjoy the excitement of interchangeable lenses and system extension capabilities that only SLR photography can offer, while still benefiting from the convenience and high portability of ordinary fixed-lens compact cameras.