JJC Nikon Z Mount Extension tube


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  • Macro photography
  • Retains auto focus and exposure capability
  • Will not degrade the quality of your lenses
  • Can be used individually or in combination
  • Metal bayonet mount
  • Free freight


In stock


Introducing the JJC Extension Tube Set for Z Mount: Unlock Creativity with Precision and Versatility

Elevate Your Photography Experience

Capture stunning macro shots and explore new dimensions of creativity with the JJC Extension Tube Set for Z mount. Designed to enhance your Z mount lenses, this high-quality extension tube set opens up a world of opportunities for photographers. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a product photographer, or simply enjoy exploring the finer details of everyday objects, these extension tubes will take your photography to the next level.

Seamless Autofocus and Aperture Control

The JJC Extension Tube Set features electrical contacts that ensure seamless communication between your Z mount camera and lens. You can maintain full autofocus functionality, allowing you to focus quickly and accurately on your subject, even at close distances. Additionally, the electrical contacts enable full aperture control, so you can adjust the aperture electronically and achieve the perfect background blur for your macro shots. Say goodbye to manual focus struggles and limited aperture settings – with JJC extension tubes, your creative vision knows no bounds.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

Crafted with precision engineering and durable materials, the JJC Extension Tube Set guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. Both tubes in the set – 10mm and 16mm,– are designed to maintain the highest level of conductivity, ensuring flawless communication. The snug yet smooth fit of the tubes with your Z mount guarantees a stable connection without any play, minimizing the risk of shake and maintaining image sharpness.

Expand Your Macro Photography Capabilities

Macro photography enthusiasts will appreciate the remarkable versatility that the JJC Extension Tube Set brings to their Z mount system. By incorporating these tubes into your gear, you can achieve higher magnification levels, bringing out intricate details in tiny subjects that were once beyond the reach of your lenses. From capturing delicate flowers and insects in the wild to highlighting textures in still-life compositions, the possibilities are truly endless.

Lightweight and Portable Design

Designed with practicality in mind, the JJC Extension Tube Set is incredibly lightweight and portable, making it an essential addition to any photographer’s kit. Its compact design ensures that it won’t take up much space in your camera bag, leaving you free to explore the world around you without any unnecessary burdens.

Unlock the full potential of your Z mount lenses and delve into the captivating world of macro photography with the JJC Extension Tube Set. Elevate your creativity, maintain autofocus precision, and seize control of aperture settings to achieve breathtaking results with ease. Embrace limitless possibilities and embark on a macro photography journey like no other.

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