Rode Wireless ME Microphone Kit


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Ultra Compact

Built In Rechargeable Battery

7 Hours Operating time

100m Transmission Range (line of sight)

Made in Sydney Australia


Available on back-order


Rode Wireless ME

Introducing the Rode Wireless ME: Experience wireless audio freedom with professional-grade quality. This revolutionary microphone system offers convenience and exceptional sound for content creators, vloggers, journalists, and more. Say goodbye to cables and hello to seamless recording and broadcasting.

The Wireless ME features an advanced transmitter and receiver duo. The compact transmitter has a high-quality condenser microphone capsule that captures clear vocals and eliminates background noise. Attach it to your clothing or camera effortlessly. The receiver connects easily to your recording device or camera, ensuring reliable wireless audio transmission.

What sets the Wireless ME apart is its impressive range. With a line-of-sight reach of up to 100 meters, you can move freely without losing a strong connection between the transmitter and receiver. Conduct interviews, record podcasts, or capture footage on the go without limitations.

Setting up the Rode Wireless ME is quick and simple. Pairing the transmitter and receiver takes just a few button presses. The OLED display on both units provides real-time monitoring of audio levels and battery status, keeping you in control.

Operating on the reliable 2.4GHz frequency band, the Rode Wireless ME minimizes interference from other devices. It also offers selectable channels to optimize performance in crowded RF environments.

In summary, the Rode Wireless ME is a game-changer in wireless audio. With exceptional sound quality, an impressive range, and user-friendly design, it’s perfect for professionals and enthusiasts. Enjoy the freedom of wireless audio and elevate your recording and broadcasting experience with the Rode Wireless ME.

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