RODE SC9 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS patch 1.5m cable

  • 1.5M Length
  • TRRS to TRRS
  • 3.5mm connections




The RODE SC9 gives you a 1.5M long, high-quality. 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS cable. Offering the perfect solution for reliable connections to a wide range of audio devices.

In particular, the SC9 is perfect for connecting your smartphone to your RODECaster Pro. Allowing you to easily take high-quality phone calls on-air during recording. So you can interview guests that may not be able to be in the room with you, while also enjoying high-quality recordings. Because there’s nothing worse than listening to a phone interview on a podcast that sounds poor! On top of that, the SC9 with RodeCaster Pro automatically provides mix-minus audio; preventing echo being heard by the caller without the need for expensive hardware.

Above all, the SC9 is going to give your podcast a number of phone interviews that have never sounded so good!

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