Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone


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• Clip-On Mic for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders, PC etc.
• Omni directional condenser microphone
• High-quality condenser is ideal for video use
• Low handling noise
• Includes lapel clip, LR44 battery, foam windscreen, 1/4” adapter


In stock


Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone

Your Compact Audio Solution

Introducing the Boya BY-M1, an omnidirectional lavalier microphone that stands as the epitome of convenience and high-quality audio for a diverse range of recording devices. Perfectly suited for smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, and PCs, the BY-M1 redefines your audio experience with its versatile design and exceptional features.

Omni Pickup Pattern for 360-Degree Coverage:

The BY-M1 boasts an omni pickup pattern, ensuring full 360-degree coverage of your audio source. Whether you’re recording interviews, lectures, or outdoor communication, this lavalier microphone captures sound from all directions, delivering a comprehensive and immersive audio experience.

Integrated 6-Meter Cable for Seamless Connectivity:

Equipped with a convenient 6-meter (20”) cable featuring a 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug, the BY-M1 directly connects to smartphones and most cameras. Say goodbye to cumbersome setups and tangled wires; the integrated design offers hassle-free connectivity for a smooth recording experience.

Versatile Applications:

Beyond a microphone, the BY-M1 is a versatile tool for meetings, recordings, public communication, outdoor lectures, and various applications. Its condenser microphone technology ensures crisp and clear audio reproduction in various environments.

Easy to Use:

Switching between devices is a breeze with the BY-M1. For smartphones, simply slide the ON/OFF switch to OFF/Smartphone to power down. For DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, and PCs, slide the switch to ON, and you’re ready to capture superior audio quality.


In conclusion, the Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone transcends traditional audio recording, offering a compact and powerful solution for content creators, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern ensures that every nuance of sound is captured with precision, while the integrated 6-meter cable simplifies connectivity for various devices. Whether you’re recording interviews, lectures, or engaging in outdoor communication, the Boya BY-M1 stands as a testament to superior audio quality in a sleek and user-friendly design. Elevate your audio experience with the Boya BY-M1, where convenience meets exceptional performance.

Using the microphone
• For Smartphone: Switch off the microphone. Slide the ON/OFF up to OFF/Smartphone. The power is shut down.
• For DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders, PC ect: Switch on the microphone. Slide the ON/OFF up to ON

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 Polar pattern:  Omini-directional
 Frequency response:  65Hz-18KHz
 Signal/Noise:  74dB or more
 Output Impadence:  1000Ω or less
Power requirement:   LR44