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PMI SmokeNINJA Portable Smoke Machine


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  • 3 modes
  • 30% smaller than SmokeGenie


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SmokeNINJA Portable Smoke Machine

Unleash Creativity Anywhere

The PMI SmokeNINJA Portable Smoke Machine redefines convenience for photographers, entry-level videographers, and content creators. Compact, wireless, and handheld, this innovative device is designed for on-the-go creatives, offering a 30% smaller build than its predecessor, the SmokeGENIE. The SmokeNINJA stands 14cm tall, making it an ideal travel companion for capturing stunning visual effects anywhere, anytime.

Key Features:

Battery Powered and Wireless:

Enjoy the freedom of creativity with the SmokeNINJA’s battery-powered and wireless design, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords and allowing you to capture captivating shots effortlessly.

Magnetic Mounting:

The SmokeNINJA features magnetic mounting for easy and flexible placement, giving you the versatility to create unique visual effects with precision.

Ultra Efficient Chamber Technology:

Maximize your creative sessions with ultra-efficient chamber technology. The SmokeNINJA consumes only 0.5ml of smoke liquid per minute, delivering an impressive 200 minutes of use from a single 100ml bottle. The chamber’s longevity extends to 100 hours of continuous operation.

Smart Interface and Real-Time Monitoring:

The intuitive smart interface provides real-time information on remaining smoke, preventing overheating. Keep track of smoke levels and recovery rates, ensuring the machine is ready for your next creative burst.

100% Harm-Free:

Tested and approved by SGS and the Actors Equity Association, the SmokeNINJA ensures a safe environment for talent and crew. The industry-leading coil protection system guarantees clean, odorless smoke production without any burning smell.

Fast Charging and USB-C Cable:

Recharge in just 90 minutes with the included USB-C cable, ensuring minimal downtime and allowing you to focus on your creative process.

Glycerin-Based Fog:

The SmokeNINJA creates a glycerin-based fog, triggering electronic smoke detectors but not traditional “Red glass” fire sprinklers, offering a safe and controlled environment.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the SmokeGENIE SmokeNINJA Portable Smoke Machine is a game-changer for creatives on the move. With its compact design, efficient chamber technology, and harm-free operation, it provides unmatched flexibility and reliability. Elevate your visual storytelling with the SmokeNINJA, where creativity knows no bounds.

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