Olympus FCON-T01 Fish Eye Lens


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  • Fish Eye Adpater for the TG Series
  • (TG-7, TG-6,  TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1 )
  • Dust proof
  • Waterproof upto 20mm


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Olympus FCON-T01 Fish Eye Lens

Introducing the Olympus FCON-T01 Fish Eye Lens, an optical masterpiece designed to transform your photography into a realm of creativity and distortion. This lens is crafted for Olympus cameras, offering users the ability to capture stunning fish-eye perspectives that add a unique flair to their visual storytelling.

Creative Distortion and Unique Perspectives:

The FCON-T01 Fish Eye Lens is your gateway to creative distortion, allowing you to capture scenes with a distinctive curvature that adds an artistic touch to your images. From surreal landscapes to playful portraits, this lens opens up a world of unique perspectives, making your photos stand out from the ordinary.

High-Quality Optics for Sharp Images:

Built with precision optics, the FCON-T01 ensures sharp and clear images even with the extreme distortion characteristic of fish-eye lenses. This lens maintains the high standards of Olympus optics, delivering exceptional image quality that meets the expectations of discerning photographers.

Seamless Compatibility with Olympus Cameras:

Designed specifically for Olympus cameras, the FCON-T01 ensures seamless compatibility and integration with your Olympus photography gear. Whether you’re using a compact Olympus PEN camera or a powerful OM-D model, this fish-eye lens becomes an extension of your creativity, enhancing the versatility of your camera system.

Compact and Lightweight Design:

Embrace the freedom to explore creatively without the burden of heavy gear. The FCON-T01 features a compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal companion for travel, street photography, or any situation where portability is key. Easily slip it into your camera bag, and you’re ready to capture the world in a new light.

Effortless Attachment and Removal:

Experience the convenience of the FCON-T01’s easy attachment and removal process. The lens securely mounts to your Olympus camera, allowing you to switch between fish-eye and standard perspectives effortlessly. This user-friendly design ensures that you can adapt to different shooting scenarios with ease.

Versatility in Visual Storytelling:

Whether you’re an avid landscape photographer, a creative portrait enthusiast, or someone who loves experimenting with visual storytelling. The FCON-T01 adds a layer of versatility to your photography. It’s the tool you need to break away from the conventional and infuse your images with a captivating and unconventional aesthetic.

In conclusion, the Olympus FCON-T01 Fish Eye Lens is a creative marvel that expands the horizons of your photography. With its unique distortion, high-quality optics. Seamless compatibility with Olympus cameras, and a compact design. This fish-eye lens opens up a world of possibilities for photographers seeking to add a distinctive touch to their visual narratives. Elevate your photography to new dimensions with the Olympus FCON-T01. Order yours today and embark on a journey of creative exploration.


Supported cameras TG-7, TG-6, TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1
Supported adapter CLA-T01
Variable magnification ratio 0.74x
Lens construction diagram 3 groups, 3 elements
Mounting system Screw (Ø40.5mm)
Water proof Equivalent to protection class 8 (IPX8) (according to tests performed under our in-house method), usable to a depth of 20 m underwater
Dust proof Equivalent to protection class 6 (IP6X) (according to tests performed under our in-house method)
Size Maximum diameter Ø65mm
Total length 27.2mm
Weight Approx. 125g
Supplied accessories Lens Cap, Lens Rear Cap, Instruction Manual

*When this accessory is attached to the camera, the waterproof, shockproof, and crushproof performance does not meet in-house testing conditions.

*The optional Converter Adapter CLA-T01 needs to be attached. Find it here.

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