Olympus CLA-T01

  • Converter adapter
  • Adapts to, TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1
  • Coverts filter thread to 40.5mm


Olympus CLA-T01

By attaching the Olympus CLA-T01 Converter Adapter to your camera, converters, PRF-D40.5 PRO Protector Filter, or third-party Ø40.5 mm filters can be attached. The CLA-T01 comes with its a Lens Cap. This gives you the ability to keep the converter attached to your camera.

This converter gives you the ability to adapt 40.5mm filters onto your TG series camera ( TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1 )

*If the filter attached is thicker than 6 mm, some vignetting may occur in the recorded image. (When using a circular PL filter, use the slim frame type.) Filters and the Fisheye Converter cannot be used together.

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Supported cameras TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1
Camera-adapter mounting system Bayonet
Converter-adapter mounting system Screw (Ø40.5mm)
Size Maximum diameter Ø45mm
Total length 8.8mm
Weight Approx. 4g
Supplied accessories Lens cap