Olympus CLA-T01 Adapter


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  • Converter adapter
  • Adapts to, TG-6 ,TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1
  • Coverts filter thread to 40.5mm


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Olympus CLA-T01

The Olympus CLA-T01 Converter Adapter is an essential accessory for your TG series camera. It allows you to attach 40.5mm filters onto your camera and achieve stunning effects in your photography. With its bayonet mounting system, this adapter is easy to attach to your camera, and the screw mount makes it effortless to attach third-party filters.


This adapter is compatible with the TG-7, TG-6, TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, and TG-1 cameras, making it an excellent addition to your photography gear. The CLA-T01 comes with a lens cap to protect your camera lens when the converter is attached.

The CLA-T01 Converter Adapter is an excellent tool for nature photographers who want to capture beautiful landscapes or wildlife in their natural habitat. By using a polarizing filter, you can reduce reflections and glare, making the colors in your photos more vibrant and the sky bluer. Additionally, the adapter allows you to use a neutral density filter, which helps you to reduce the amount of light entering your camera and create beautiful long exposures.

The adapter is compact and lightweight, weighing approximately 4g. It has a maximum diameter of Ø45mm and a total length of 8.8mm. This makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. You can keep it attached to your camera when not in use.

Please note that if you attach a filter thicker than 6mm, some vignetting may occur in the recorded image. However, this can be easily avoided by using a slim frame type circular PL filter. Also, the fisheye converter and filters cannot be used together.

In summary, the Olympus CLA-T01 Converter Adapter is a must-have accessory for your TG series camera. Its easy-to-use design and compatibility with 40.5mm filters make it a versatile tool that will help you capture stunning photos. Order yours today and elevate your photography to the next level.

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Supported cameras TG7,TG6,TG5, TG4, TG3, TG2, TG1
Camera-adapter mounting system Bayonet
Converter-adapter mounting system Screw (Ø40.5mm)
Size Maximum diameter Ø45mm
Total length 8.8mm
Weight Approx. 4g
Supplied accessories Lens cap


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