Nitecore SG7 Silicone Grease


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Nitecore SG7 Silicone Grease

The Nitecore SG7 is a great quality silicone grease lubricant waterproof paste for flashlights maintenance. It protects tin-lead electrical connectors from environmental corrosion and extends the life of your torch

Designed to lubricate conductive surfaces, Nitecore SG7 silicone grease is recommended for use on the threads and O-rings of all aluminium-bodied torches, to protect from moisture and aging

This is a high quality silicon grease compatible with any flashlight brand. You will need only a small amount to stops the squeak that develops as the thread and o-ring dry out, to keep your torch in its best condition

The Nitecore SG7 is the perfect multi-purpose silicone grease for any maintenance kit, perfect for general use, around the house or in a car kit, for multiple applications like sealing a squeaky door or a bike brake or chain, especially handy in outdoor SPORTS

Thickened silica, moderate viscosity, artificial hydrocarbon grease for lubrication and tin-lead electrical connectors safety. The Nitecore SG7 silicone grease will last for a long time. Good water resistance, good consistency, very little waste after use


  • Designed for lubricating conductive surfaces
  • Highly water resistant
  • Compatible with all flashlights and brands
  • A small amount goes a long way

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