Nitecore TIP SS Keychain Flashlight – Glacier


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  • Max output: 360 lumens
  • Max beam distance: 74 meters
  • Max beam intensity: 1400cd
  • Max runtime: 46 hours
  • Rechargeable
  • Two operating modes
  • Utility clip
  • Physical protection from water and dust
  • Accidental activation prevention
  • 4 brightness level
  • Nitecore 5 year warranty


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Nitecore TIP SS Keychain Flashlight – Glacier

The Nitecore TIP SS Keychain Flashlight – Glacier main part is constructed from high strength stainless steel by surface polishing, showing metallic luster, making the overall style simple yet appealing. It also comes with utility clip, ideal for various applications.

The Nitecore TIP SS Keychain Flashlight – Glacier has a dual modes. In any status, hold down both switches until the LED flashes to switch between modes. One flash – daily mode, Two flash – constant-on mode.

Features / Functions:
Power Mode

  • Turbo – 360 lumens, 30 minutes, 74 meters, 1400cd
  • High – 150 lumens, 1 hours 30 minutes, 40 meters, 410cd
  • Mid – 35 lumens, 6 hours 30 minutes, 21 meters, 115cd
  • Low – 1 lumen, 46 hours, 3 meters, 3cd

Additional Information

  • Direct access to Turbo
  • Constant current circuit
  • Advanced temperature techonlogy
  • Built-in Li-ion 500mAh battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • IP 54 rated
  • Impact resistance, 1m


In conclusion, the Nitecore TIP SS Keychain Flashlight – Glacier combines high-strength stainless steel construction with a sleek design, accentuated by surface polishing. Its dual modes offer flexibility, with one flash for daily mode and two flashes for constant-on mode. The flashlight’s impressive power modes provide exceptional luminosity for various needs, while features like direct Turbo access and advanced temperature technology enhance its practicality. With a built-in rechargeable battery and durable build, it’s a versatile and reliable lighting companion for diverse scenarios.

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