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Ilford SFX 200 120mm film – 10 Buy

  • Extended red sensitivity
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Fine grain



Ilford SFX 200 120mm Film

Explore Creative Possibilities

Unleash your creativity with Ilford SFX 200 120mm, a versatile medium-speed black and white film. It’s designed for photographers pushing the boundaries of traditional photography. This film’s extended red sensitivity unlocks artistic possibilities, enhancing contrast and tonal range for captivating images. SFX 200 excels in moody landscapes or dramatic portraits, offering versatility for embracing creativity and experimentation.


  1. Extended Red Sensitivity: With extended red sensitivity, SFX 200 achieves striking results and intensifies red tones, enhancing contrast. This feature makes it perfect for landscape photography, portraiture, and other creative applications.
  2. ISO 200: With an ISO rating of 200, this medium-speed film offers excellent versatility, providing optimal performance in a wide range of lighting conditions. Whether you’re shooting outdoors or in controlled studio environments, SFX 200 delivers consistent results with superb detail and clarity.
  3. Fine Grain: Despite its extended red sensitivity, SFX 200 maintains fine grain structure, ensuring sharpness and detail in every image. This allows you to capture intricate textures and subtle nuances with exceptional clarity and definition.
  4. Wide Dynamic Range: The balanced tonal range of SFX 200 allows you to capture scenes with rich gradations between highlights and shadows, resulting in images that are full of depth and dimension.
  5. Versatile Applications: From moody landscapes to dramatic portraits, Ilford SFX 200 excels in a variety of photographic genres, making it a valuable tool for photographers who embrace creativity and experimentation. Enhanced contrast and tonal richness make SFX 200 perfect for a wide range of photographic genres that demand high quality images.


Ilford SFX 200 120mm Film offers extended red sensitivity, enabling creative exploration and versatile performance. Capture landscapes, portraits, or experimental compositions with enhanced contrast and tonal richness. Elevate your photography to new heights with Ilford SFX 200 and unlock the full potential of black and white film.

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