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Ilford Delta 400 Black and White (24ex) 10 BUY


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  • Delta 400 Professional 35mm 24 Exposure B&W Film
  • High speed ISO 400
  • Exceptional sharpness and detail
  • Core-Shell™ crystal technology


In stock


Ilford Delta 400 Professional – 24 exposures

Unleash the Power of Fine Grain Excellence

Elevate your black and white photography with the Ilford Delta 400 Professional, a fast, fine-grain film designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Ideal for action, available light, and fine art photography, this film promises exceptional results across diverse shooting conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Fine Grain Excellence:

    • The Delta 400 Professional is renowned for its fine grain structure, making it perfect for pictorial and fine art photography. Capture intricate details with clarity and precision.
  2. Versatile Exposure Range:

    • With a speed rating of ISO 400/27° to daylight, this film offers versatility in exposure. Achieve optimal results at normal contrast, or explore a range from EI 200/24 to EI 3200/36 for creative flexibility.
  3. Extended Development Possibilities:

    • Push your creative boundaries by exposing the film at meter settings up to EI 3200/36. Extended development in ILFORD ILFOTEC DD-X, ILFOTEC HC, MICROPHEN, or ILFOTEC RT RAPID developers ensures high-quality prints.
  4. Film Formats and Coating:

    • Available in 35mm film coated on 0.125mm/5-mil acetate base, choose between 24 or 36 exposure cassettes or bulk lengths of 30.5 meters (100ft). The DX coded cassettes make it compatible with all 35mm cameras. Also available as 120 film.
  5. Long Exposure Capabilities:

    • Whether capturing fleeting moments or indulging in long exposure creativity, DELTA 400 Professional requires no adjustments for reciprocity law failure for exposures between ½ and 1/10,000 seconds.
  6. Filter Friendly:

    • Compatible with various filters, including color, polarizing, and neutral density, the film adapts to your creative vision. Follow filter manufacturer instructions for optimal results.
  7. Dust and Splash Resistant:

    • Crafted for resilience, this film is equipped with a dust and splash-resistant structure, ensuring reliability in diverse shooting environments.

Technical Information:

  • Spectral Sensitivity: Wedge spectrogram to tungsten light (2850K)
  • Filter Factors: Suitable for use with color, polarizing, and neutral density filters
  • Making Long Exposures: No adjustments needed for reciprocity law failure for exposures between ½ and 1/10,000 seconds.


Ilford Delta 400 Professional is more than a film; it’s a creative companion for photographers pushing the boundaries of black and white imaging. Its fine grain, versatile exposure range, and extended development possibilities make it a go-to choice for professionals seeking excellence in every frame. Elevate your photography with the Delta 400 Professional and capture moments with unparalleled clarity and artistry.

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