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Ilford Color 24ex 400iso 35mm Roll Film

Ilford Color Print Film

400 ISO

24ex plus

35mm Print Film

From Ilford Disposable Cameras


Ilford Color 24ex 400iso Film

With film in short supply Plaza Cameras is able to supply Ilford Color 24ex 400iso Print film. This film is taken out of the Ilford Ilfocolor Retro Disposable camera . We do this so you can use it in 35mm film camera.

How we get this film is that we rewind the film in the disposable camera back into its 35mm Canister with out exposing it. We then pull apart the disposable camera and remove the 35mm film leaving the leader out so it can then be used in a standard 35mm camera. We then repackage the film in the plastic bag that the camera is wrapped up in.

You can buy the disposable cameras for $29.95. Or we can removed the film from the disposable for you


 Press Release on Ilford Disposable Cameras here




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