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Hahnel Module Softbox


  • Magnetic clamp attaches the softbox with ease (sold separately)
  • Once using a clamp this softbox is compatible with the majority of other Speedlights on the market.
  • Allows you to create softer more flattering shadows



Hahnel Module Softbox

The Hahnel Module Softbox is made to be used with the Module 360 or 600 clamp.

Want to create natural, flattering light? The hähnel Module Softbox provides diffused light for any style of shooting. Not only can you control the amount of light you need, you can also create softer shadows resulting in gentle and even results. It’s also lightweight and can be folded down flat, so great when travelling. Once you have purchased the 360 or 600 Clamp, you’re ready to go! This impressive product forms part of the hähnel Module Speedlight accessory range which has been specifically designed to help you achieve that perfect shot.
Be more creative and experiment with light!

Find the manual here