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Hahnel Module 600 Clamp


Available on back-order

  • Hahnel Module 600 Clamp
  • Magnetic Flash Clamp
  • Speedlight Accessories
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Powerful Magnet System
  • Flash Photography Precision


Available on back-order


Hahnel Module 600 Clamp

Elevate Your Flash Photography with Speed and Precision

The Hahnel Module 600 Clamp stands as the ideal companion for the Hahnel 600RT flash range, designed to enhance your flash photography experience. Crafted with ingenuity, this clamp offers seamless compatibility with other flashes up to 80mm in width, extending its utility beyond the Hahnel 600RT range.

Key Features:

Magnetic Efficiency:

  • Frustrations with Velcro are a thing of the past. The Hahnel 600 Clamp boasts an ultra-powerful magnetic system, allowing you to attach accessories to your Speedlight in a matter of seconds.

Versatile Width:

  • With a maximum width of 80mm, this clamp accommodates a variety of flashes, ensuring compatibility with the majority of Speedlights available in the market.

Universal Compatibility:

  • The clamps are not exclusive to the Hahnel 600RT range; they seamlessly integrate with a wide array of Speedlights. This provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to use them across various lighting setups and equipment.

High-Grade Magnet System:

  • The clamp features a high-grade, powerful magnet system that ensures exceptional strength and reliability. This system firmly secures Module accessories onto the clamp, providing a secure and stable mounting solution


In conclusion, the Hahnel Module 600 Clamp redefines flash photography convenience. Its powerful magnetic system, coupled with versatile compatibility, ensures a swift and secure attachment of accessories. No more Velcro frustrations—experience a new level of precision and efficiency with the Hahnel Module 600 Clamp. Whether you’re part of the Hahnel 600RT flash range or exploring other Speedlights, this clamp is your gateway to elevated flash photography.

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