Hahnel HRC 280 Pro Remote for Canon

The quick and easy Hahnel HRC 280 Pro remote is lightweight, portable and reliable. Comes with a 2m extension cable and textured anti-slip material the provides a strong grip when using.


Hahnel HRC 280 Pro Remote for Canon Features:

  • Auto focus, Bulb Function & Continuous Shooting functions
  • Convenient 2m extension cable included with twist & lock system for secure connection
  • Supplied with interchangeable camera connectors for multiple DSLR’s of one brand
  • Textured anti-slip material provides a secure grip & gives additional durability
  • Reduce Camera Shake
  • Lightweight, portable & reliable


Canon: 2000D/ 1300D/ 1200D/ 1100D / 1000D/ 800D/ 760D/ 750D/ 700D/ 650D/ 600D/ 550D/ 500D/ 450D/ 400D/ 350D/ 300D/ 200D/ 100D/ 80D/ 77D/
70D/ 60D/ 50D/ 40D/ 30D/ 20D/ 20DS/ 10D/ 7D/ 7DMkII/ 6D/ 6DMkII/ 5D/ 5D Mark II/ 5D Mark III/ 5D Mark IV/ 5DS/ 5DSR/ 1D / 1DMkII/ 1DMkIIN/ 1DMkIII
/1DMkIV / 1DX / 1DxMkII/ 1DC/ 1DS /1DS Mark II/ 1DS Mark III / M5/ SX50HS/ SX60HS/ G10/ G11/ G12/ G15/ G16/ G1X/ G1X Mk II/ G1xMkIII/ Rebel T1i/ T2i/
G5x / G3x/ M6
Pentax: K1/ K1MkII/ K3/ K3MkII/ K-5 II/ K-5 IIS/ K-5/ K-7/ K10/ K20/ K30/ K50/ K100/ K110/ K200/ K500 / KM/ KX
Samsung: GX10/ GX20/ NX10/ NX20

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