GoPro Suction Cup


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  • GoPro Suction Cup for versatile mounting
  • Industrial-strength stability at speeds of 150+ mph
  • Broad range of motion for dynamic shots
  • Quick-release base for convenient location changes
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras


In stock


GoPro Suction Cup

GoPro Suction Cup – Secure Mounting for Dynamic Shots

Unlock new possibilities for capturing dynamic footage with the GoPro Suction Cup. Designed to attach your to cars, boats, motorcycles, and more, this industrial-strength suction cup is proven at speeds of 150+ mph, ensuring secure and stable mounting in high-action scenarios. With adjustable arms for ultra-compact positioning, a quick-release base for convenient movement between shots, and compatibility with all GoPro cameras, the Suction Cup is an essential accessory for adventurers seeking versatile and impactful filming perspectives.

Industrial-Strength Stability:

Engineered for stability at speeds exceeding 150 mph, the GoPro Suction Cup provides an industrial-strength solution for mounting your camera. Capture high-speed adventures with confidence, knowing your GoPro is securely fastened for the ride.

Broad Range of Motion:

Designed for versatility, the Suction Cup offers a broad range of motion, allowing you to achieve the perfect angle for your shots. Whether you’re navigating winding roads or capturing water sports, this accessory ensures your footage is dynamic and immersive.

Quick Release Base for Convenience:

The Suction Cup includes both a standard base and a quick-release base, providing flexibility and convenience in moving between shots and locations. Adapt to changing environments seamlessly, capturing every moment with precision.

Ultra-Compact Mounting:

Adjustable arms allow for ultra-compact mounting, giving you the flexibility to position your GoPro exactly where you need it. Whether you’re inside a vehicle or exploring the great outdoors, the Suction Cup adapts to your filming needs.


In conclusion, the GoPro Suction Cup is a must-have accessory for adventurers seeking dynamic and impactful footage. With industrial-strength stability, a broad range of motion, quick-release convenience, and compatibility with all GoPro cameras, this mount elevates your filming capabilities. Securely attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles, and more, and embark on high-speed adventures with confidence. The Suction Cup is where versatility meets stability, ensuring your footage is as thrilling as the moments you capture.

Note: Not recommended for surfing, snowboarding or other high-impact sports. Recommended for non-impact activities only. The Floaty Backdoor will not support the weight of the Suction Cup mount.

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