GoPro Floaty Backdoor

  • Easy-to-spot flotation attaches directly to the included backdoors
  • Great for snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding or other water activities
  • Includes an adhesive anchor and camera tether for added security in extreme conditions


GoPro Floaty Backdoor

The GoPro Floaty backdoor is an essential accessory for anyone who loves to take their GoPro camera with them on water adventures. It is a small, lightweight piece of equipment that attaches to the back of the GoPro camera housing, and provides extra buoyancy to help keep the camera afloat in water.

One of the primary benefits of the GoPro Floaty backdoor is that it helps to prevent your camera from sinking in the event that it falls off of its mount or gets knocked out of your hand. This can be a significant concern for anyone who uses their GoPro camera for water-based activities such as surfing, snorkeling, or swimming. The Floaty backdoor adds an extra layer of protection, helping to ensure that your camera stays afloat and is easy to locate if it does fall into the water.

In addition to providing extra buoyancy, the GoPro Floaty backdoor also offers a high level of visibility. The bright orange color of the Floaty makes it easy to spot in the water, which can be particularly helpful if your camera falls into murky or deep water. This feature can also be useful if you need to quickly locate your camera in a crowded pool or other busy water environment.

The Floaty backdoor is also easy to install and remove from your GoPro camera housing. It simply snaps onto the back of the housing, and can be easily removed when not needed. This makes it a convenient accessory to have on hand for any water-based activity.

It is worth noting that the GoPro Floaty backdoor is not designed to be used as a flotation device for swimmers or divers. It is intended solely for use as an accessory to help keep your camera afloat. Users should always take appropriate safety precautions when using their GoPro camera in water, such as using a flotation device for themselves if necessary.

Overall, the GoPro Floaty backdoor is a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys taking their GoPro camera on water-based adventures. Its extra buoyancy and high visibility make it an invaluable tool for keeping your camera safe and easily accessible, even in challenging water environments.