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Gopro Shorty – Mini Extension Pole + Tripod


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Key Features:

  • The pocket-size Shorty (11.7cm) is the perfect partner for on-the-go activities, travel and more
  • Extend Shorty up to 22.7cm for group shots, selfies and other hard-to-reach angles
  • Prop Shorty up on any level surface with its built-in tripod


In stock


Compact and Convenient

The GoPro Shorty is the ultimate grab-and-go mini extension pole, perfect for casual activities. Its compact and lightweight design ensures hassle-free adventures. Explore the city or hike with Shorty, capturing incredible moments.

Pocket-Size Portability

Measuring just 11.7cm, Shorty fits seamlessly in your pocket, an ideal outing companion. Never miss capturing memories – grab GoPro and Shorty for stylish adventures.

Versatile Extension Pole

Despite its size, Shorty extends up to an impressive 22.7cm, offering various shooting options. Elevate your photography with group shots, epic selfies, and creative angles.

Built-In Tripod Functionality

Shorty provides hands-free filming with its built-in tripod. Stable shots on any surface – café table or wilderness rock. Expand your filming possibilities with this feature.

Versatility Unleashed

Shorty is more than an extension pole or tripod – it’s your creative tool. Compact size, extension, and tripod features adapt to any scenario. From vlogging to action, Shorty supports you.


In conclusion, the GoPro Shorty – Mini Extension Pole + Tripod is a must-have accessory for all GoPro enthusiasts. Its pocket-size portability, impressive extension, and built-in tripod make it essential for on-the-go filming. Whether you travel the world or explore locally, Shorty will be your reliable companion. Grab GoPro Shorty and capture memories in a new way.

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Camera accessory type Grips / sticks
Manufacturer’s warranty 1 Year