Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector (60cm)


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  • Size: 60cm
  • Choose between Gold/Silver reflective & White reflective
  • Great portable lighting accessory


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Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector (60cm)

Unleash the full potential of your photography with the Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector (60cm)—an indispensable tool for mastering light control in any shooting environment. This compact and portable reflector empowers photographers to manipulate available light, allowing you to customize its characteristics to match the desired mood of your shoot.

Versatile Size for Flexibility:

Measuring at a convenient 60cm, the Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your camera bag, ensuring you have the means to enhance your lighting setup wherever your photography journey takes you.

Gold or Silver Reflective Options:

Tailor the light falling on your subject by choosing between the gold or silver reflective surfaces. The gold side adds warmth and a soft glow, ideal for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, the silver side provides a crisp and cool reflection, perfect for highlighting details and producing a more energetic ambiance. Experiment with both options to find the perfect fit for your unique style.

Complete Lighting Control:

The Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector gives you complete control over the quality of light. Whether you’re shooting portraits, still life, or outdoor scenes, this reflector allows you to shape and enhance the available light, contributing to the overall mood and visual impact of your images. Elevate your photography by mastering the art of lighting control.

Portable and Convenient:

Designed with the photographer’s lifestyle in mind, this reflector is highly portable and convenient to use. Its lightweight construction ensures that it won’t weigh you down during your photography adventures. Take it on location, to the studio, or use it for spontaneous shoots—wherever you go, the Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector is ready to enhance your lighting setup.

Experiment and Discover:

The beauty of the Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector lies in its ability to spark creativity. Experiment with the different reflective options to discover the nuances of light and shadow that best complement your photographic style. For pros or beginners, this reflector is the key to unlocking a world of creative possibilities in your photography journey.

In conclusion:

The Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector (60cm) is a game-changer for photographers seeking to elevate their lighting skills. With its versatile size, gold or silver reflective options, complete lighting control, portability, and the opportunity to experiment and discover new creative avenues, this reflector is an essential accessory for photographers of all levels. Enhance your photography—invest in the Glanz 2 in 1 Reflector and take control of the light in every shot.

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