Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Triple Mount

  • Special Order Only
  • Typical supply time is 2-3 weeks
  • Mount Combines Fat Gecko Original & Mini
  • Works on Smooth, Non-Porous Surfaces
  • Three-Point Mount Increases Stability
  • Three Industrial Locking Suction Cups



Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Triple Mount

Unleash Your Creativity with Sturdy Mounting Solutions

Explore new dimensions in photography and videography with the Delkin Devices Triple Mount. Engineered to hold DSLRs and camcorders weighing up to 12 lb, this mount is a game-changer for capturing dynamic shots in various settings. Its innovative design combines the best features of the Fat Gecko Original and Fat Gecko Mini mounts, offering a versatile and robust solution for your mounting needs.

Key Features:

Combined Power of Original & Mini:

The Fat Gecko Triple Mount brings together the strength of the Fat Gecko Original and the flexibility of the Fat Gecko Mini. This union creates a powerhouse mount, providing a comprehensive solution for mounting your camera equipment.

Versatility on Any Surface:

Designed to work on smooth, non-porous surfaces, this mount opens up a world of possibilities for your creative endeavors. The three industrial locking suction cups provide a secure grip while adjusting to the contours of your shooting surface, ensuring stability in diverse environments.

Stability Redefined:

With a three-point mount system, the Triple Mount elevates stability to a new level. The industrial locking suction cups and a slide-and-lock design guarantee a secure attachment, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about vibrations or slippage.

Adjustable for Every Angle:

Achieve the perfect angle for every shot with the mount’s six adjustable points. Lock the mount securely in place, thanks to the standard 1/4″-20 tripod head, offering universal compatibility for various camera setups.


In conclusion, the Triple Mount by Delkin Devices is a must-have accessory for photographers and videographers seeking versatility and stability. With its innovative design, three-point mount system, and adjustable features, this mount empowers creators to explore new creative horizons with confidence and precision. Elevate your shooting experience with the Delkin Devices Triple Mount and capture moments from unique perspectives.


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Delkin Devices DDMNT-TRIPLE Specs

Attachment Method 3 x locking suction cups
Material Anodized Zinc
Mounting Head Standard 1/4″-20 tripod head
Adjustability 360° tilt, turn and rotation
Max Height from Mounting Surface 21.59 cm
Min Height from Mounting Surface 7.62 cm
Load Capacity  5.44 kg
Suction Pad Diameter 8.89 cm
Weight 907.2 g