CR-P2 Lithium Battery

5 year shelf life

long lasting



CR-P2 Lithium Battery

The CR-P2PA/1B Lithium Battery has an output power of 6V, and can be used to power certain types of camera equipment, LED flashlights, smoke alarms, and home security systems. The battery has a five year shelf life.

Also known as: CRP2P, DL223A, CR-P2, K223LA,  EL223AP, PC223, 5024LC, CR17-33, CRP2S, PC223A, VL223

Note to be confused with a 2CR5 battery

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DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 6V
Battery Packs and Batteries
Battery Chemical Composition Lithium Single Use
Battery usage Disposable
Connection Type Nipple
Battery Code CR-P2
Amp Hour Rating 1300mAh
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