Panasonic 2CR5 Battery


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The 2CR5 battery is also the same as the following batteries:

DL 245EL, EL 2CR5, KL2CR5 & 2CR5R.

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2cr5 Panasonic Battery

This is one of the most common batteries that were used in 90’s with 35mm Film cameras. The camera mainly had auto focus and auto winders plus built in flash. If you camera is manual focusing and manual wind the chances of it using a 2cr5 battery is very remote. Canon were the major users of this battery but it was also found in Pentax, Minolta, Nikon, Konica, Olympus and many more cameras.

These batteries are very long lasting and I personally have never seen one that has leaked. I have also used these batteries years after there best before dates and still had great results. I used these batteries 10 years after there used by date and still had great results. So don’t be scared to use old ones you might have around just keep a new one on hand for back up

Power digital cameras, tactical flashlights, home security systems, and other electronics with this 6V 2CR5 Lithium Battery from Panasonic. The pack serves as a replacement for DL245, EL2CR5, KL2CR5, and 5032LC models. Thanks to its very low self-discharge rate, the battery will hold most of its power for up to 10 years in storage.

2CR5 sized battery pack contains 6v of power and uses lithium chemistry. Similar to CR-P2 battery, it is usually manufactured by using two 3v CR123A battery packaged together. Because of the shape, it is primary installed in the right hand grip area of cameras. It is most commonly used in Canon EOS line of cameras, but is also used in many digital cameras.

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