2gb SD Card Digilux (DeQlux)


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  • For Older Cameras that Can not use new Cards
  • 2GB Capacity
  • Read & write speed – min 20MB/sec
  • CPRM protected
  • Suitable for SD compatible devices
  • A reliable storage device for your valuable photos and videos


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Digilux 2GB SD Card

Reliability in Every Capture

Capture your cherished moments with confidence using the Digilux 2GB SD Card, a reliable and efficient storage solution for your Compact Digital Camera. Specially crafted for compatibility with older devices that don’t support higher-capacity SDHC or SDXC cards, this 2GB SD card ensures seamless operation, making it an ideal choice for older cameras, GPS devices, medical monitors, music synthesizers, video cameras, voice recorders, and more.

Key Features:

Optimal Compatibility:

  • Tailored for older cameras and devices that are not compatible with SDHC or SDXC cards (4GB and above), ensuring continued functionality.

Ample 2GB Capacity:

  • Provides ample storage space for your photos and videos, making it perfect for recording precious memories.

Fast Read and Write Speed:

  • With a minimum speed of 20MB/sec, this SD card facilitates quick and efficient data transfer, preventing lag during shooting sessions.

CPRM Protection:

  • Equipped with CPRM protection, safeguarding your valuable information and preventing unauthorized access.

Write-Protect Switch:

  • Includes a write-protect switch for added security, ensuring your data remains intact and protected.


The Digilux 2GB SD Card stands as a testament to reliability and compatibility. Tailored for older cameras and devices incapable of accommodating newer card formats, this SD card ensures seamless operation with a generous 2GB capacity. Its fast read and write speed of at least 20MB/sec guarantees efficient data transfer, preventing disruptions during crucial shooting moments. Equipped with CPRM protection and a write-protect switch, it prioritizes the safety and security of your valuable data. Whether you’re capturing memories with an older camera or using it with various compatible devices, the Digilux is a dependable storage solution that stands the test of time.

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