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Experience the magic of film photography with the ILFORD ILFOCOLOR 400 VINTAGETONE 24 EXP. This 35mm color film allows you to capture the beauty of the world with a touch of vintage charm. Bringing your images to life in stunning vintage tones. Rediscover the timeless art of analog photography and create photographs with a classic appeal.

Designed for 35mm film cameras. ILFORD ILFOCOLOR 400 VINTAGETONE film offers a convenient and versatile option for both beginners and experienced photographers. With its 400 ISO rating, this film is ideal for a wide range of shooting situations. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or capturing moments indoors, this film delivers exceptional results.

Each roll of ILFORD ILFOCOLOR 400 VINTAGETONE film provides you with 24 exposures to fuel your creative vision. This ample capacity allows you to experiment with different subjects, scenes, and lighting conditions. Whether you’re documenting daily life or embarking on a special photographic project, you’ll have the freedom to explore and create.

What truly sets this film apart is its ability to infuse your photographs with enchanting vintage tones. As you capture the world through the lens of your 35mm camera, you’ll notice the subtle warmth and nostalgia that this film imparts to your images. It’s like taking a journey back in time, where each shot tells a story that’s uniquely yours.


ILFORD, a trusted name in the world of photography, has crafted this ILFOCOLOR 400 VINTAGETONE film with the utmost care and precision. You can rely on its high-quality emulsion to make every shot a work of art.

Perfect for producing stunning color prints, this film allows you to bring your vision to life in a tangible, physical form. The rich and vibrant colors will adorn your prints with a level of detail and depth that digital photography can’t quite replicate. Whether you’re an enthusiast, an artist, or a professional, this film opens up a world of creative possibilities.

In a time when digital photography dominates, the ILFORD ILFOCOLOR 400 VINTAGETONE film stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of film photography. Its ability to capture memories and moments with a timeless quality is unparalleled. With this film, you can create photographs that transcend the fleeting nature of pixels and live on as physical, cherished keepsakes.

Capture the world in beautiful vintage tones and experience the art of film photography with the ILFORD ILFOCOLOR 400 VINTAGETONE 24 EXP. It’s not just a roll of film; it’s a ticket to a world of creativity, nostalgia, and the pure joy of analog photography.

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