2gb SD Card DeQlux (DIGILUX)

  • For Older Cameras that Can not use new Cards
  • 2GB Capacity
  • Read & write speed – min 20MB/sec
  • CPRM protected
  • Suitable for SD compatible devices
  • A reliable storage device for your valuable photos and videos


This 2gb SD card from Deolux is a solid and reliable performer, well-suited to recording your important photos and videos taken with your Compact Digital Camera. The fast read and write speed of this Memory Card ensures your camera won’t lag as you are shooting and subsequently, you will never miss out on taking once in a lifetime photos. For confidence and security this 2GB Card card includes a write-protect switch, saving you from potentially losing valuable information.

This card is made to work with older equipment that can not take SDHC or SDXC cards (Cards that are 4GB upwards). So If you got an older cameras that can only use an SD card come to Plaza Cameras to keep it going. Some other items we have found that need a smaller SD card are GPS , Some Medical Monitors, Some Music Synthesizers. Video Cameras, Voice Recorders, Still Cameras. 

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