SanDisk Ultra 128GB USB Drive


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  • 128GB capacity
  • USB 3.0 speed
  • Male USB type A


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SanDisk Ultra 128GB USB Drive

Effortless Storage, Unmatched Reliability

Unlock the power of seamless data transfer and secure storage with the SanDisk Ultra 128GB USB Drive. Engineered for convenience and durability, this USB drive is your go-to solution for efficient data management on the go.

Key Features:

  1. USB 3.0 Speed: The Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive boasts USB 3.0 speed, ensuring swift data transfers. Whether you’re backing up important documents, transferring multimedia files, or carrying essential data, experience the efficiency of high-speed USB connectivity.
  2. Retractable Male USB Type A Connector: The retractable design of the male USB Type A connector offers a user-friendly experience. No more worrying about lost caps or potential damage – slide the connector in and out with ease, keeping your USB interface protected when not in use.
  3. 128GB Capacity: With a substantial 128GB capacity, the Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive provides ample space for your files, documents, photos, and videos. Carry your digital world in your pocket, and never be without your essential data when you need it.
  4. Optional Password Protection: Safeguard your sensitive data with the optional password protection feature. Keep your files secure, adding an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your confidential information is protected. Sandisk PrivateAccess software locks your data out of unwanted hands.


In the realm of portable storage solutions, the Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive 128GB USB Drive emerges as a reliable and efficient companion. Its USB 2.0 speed ensures rapid data transfers, while the retractable male USB Type A connector adds a layer of convenience. With an expansive 128GB capacity, you have ample room for your digital essentials. The optional password protection feature reinforces the drive’s commitment to securing your data. Elevate your data management experience with the Sandisk Ultra Flash Drivee – where speed, convenience, and security converge for seamless usability.

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