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Tripods and Monopods for your camera needs

Capable of holding lightweight digital SLR camera or consumer video cameras the Tripods has a smooth moving 3-way pan head that gives as good performance when recording video as it does holding the a camera for still shots.

Image stability is often the key to capturing great and unforgettable photos. This means that when you need camera tripods and monopods and mon, you want high quality tripods that will help you make the most out of your camera and, of course, your talent as well.

Tripods and Mpnopods are designed to take unique self-portraits and capture video from a first person perspective. Adjustable to a length of up to 65cm, it provides the user with an extendable reach to capture self-portraits framed with sufficient background and scenery.

In Plaza Cameras, We offer wide range of monopods and tripods at affordable prices.