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Compact System Cameras

Compact System Cameras, Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens is between an advanced digital camera and a full-blown digital SLR. System interchangeable lens camera gives you the ability to change lenses, they are much more like a DSLR than an advanced compact; the major benefit is that they are not as big and bulky as a DSLR.

The reason these aren't bulky is because they do away with the pentaprism and mirror that's found in traditional DSLRs. Instead, interchangeable lens compact system camera saves space by removing the need for a mirror and allowing light to hit the sensor through the lens directly.

Not all of the major camera manufacturers have interchangeable lens compacts in this market yet. Some compact interchangeable lens camera makes use of a Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is smaller than the APS-C-sized sensor that can be found in a traditional digital SLR. A larger sensor helps capture more light and offers better performance in dim conditions, but the reality is that all of them can produce excellent image quality and they all perform quite well in dark environments.

With a growing models of compatible lenses - and many OEM and third-party lens adapters available that allow a huge range of lenses to be used - the Compact System Camera (CSC) category is constantly evolving, giving users who demand a very small and portable camera system that delivers high quality DSLR-like images, without the bulk of a DSLR, a fantastic range of options.

Compact Interchangeable Lens are designed to have the advantage of smaller size, lighter weight, and lower cost than SLRs, while still allowing users to swap lenses, unlike most compact cameras.


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