Wolverine TransMedia Video Transfer Unit


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  • Copy all your data to SD or USB Flash Drives, DVD.
  • Recoding Options: AV-in (Camcorder/VCR) to USB-Flash (2.0)/Hard-Drive (2.0)or SD-Card (32GB),
  • AV-in (Camcorder/VCR) to DVD (-R),
  • Can recoding both side from DVD’s or CD’s to SD card (32GB Max) and Flash/Hard Drive (USB 2.0) .
  • Ports and Drives AV-RCA-IN, DVD (in/out/play), SD-Card (Read/write/play), USB port (read/write/play), HDMI-out, 4.3 Color LCD.


In stock


Wolverine TransMedia Video Transfer Unit

Introducing The Wolverine TransMedia Video Transfer Unit: Your All-in-One Home Movies Digitizer & Player

Preserve your precious memories and relive the past with The Wolverine TransMedia Video Transfer Unit. This innovative device is designed to help you bring your old home movies back to life by converting them into digital formats with ease and convenience. Say goodbye to the days of dusty VCRs and outdated camcorders; it’s time to embrace the digital era.

The TransMedia Video Transfer Unit offers a versatile solution for digitizing your cherished memories from various sources, including camcorders, VCRs, and DVDs. With this incredible device, you can seamlessly convert your analog videos into digital files, making them accessible and safe from degradation or loss. Embrace the convenience of modern technology and preserve your memories for generations to come.

Equipped with a plethora of ports and slots, this device grants you the flexibility to save your newly digitized files onto various storage media. The built-in SD card slot, USB port, and DVD recorder/player allow you to conveniently transfer and save onto SD cards, flash drives, and hard drives. The process is straightforward, ensuring that even those less tech-savvy can easily manage their cherished recordings.

Not just a digitizer, The Wolverine TransMedia doubles as a DVD player. This lets you to watch your newly digitized videos or relive your favorite movies on DVD. The built-in DVD drive supports both input and output, making it effortless to create physical copies of your treasured moments.

For an enhanced viewing experience, connect The Wolverine TransMedia to your compatible TV through its HDMI output. This transforms it into a powerful multimedia player, allowing you to watch videos on a larger screen. The vivid 4.3″ color LCD lets preview your videos before saving or burning them, ensuring the quality meets your expectations.


The Wolverine TransMedia Video Transfer Unit is the ultimate all-in-one solution for digitizing, preserving, and playing your old home movies. Embrace the digital age and safeguard your cherished memories in high-quality digital formats that will last a lifetime.

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