VSGO APSc Sensor Cleaning Kit


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  • Clean your full frame sensor with the VSGO sensor cleaning kit.
  • Contains 12x microfibre tipped swabs.
  • 1x bottle of sensor cleaning fluid.



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VSGO APSc Sensor Cleaning Kit

Introducing the VSGO APSc Sensor Cleaning Kit, a professional-grade solution crafted to keep your camera’s sensor in pristine condition. Dust and debris on your sensor can compromise image quality, but with this comprehensive cleaning kit, you can ensure that your sensor remains spotless, allowing you to capture every moment with clarity and precision.

APSc Compatibility:

Tailored specifically for APSc sensors, this cleaning kit ensures compatibility with a wide range of full-frame cameras. Whether you’re using a professional DSLR or a mirrorless camera, the VSGO kit is designed to meet the unique cleaning needs of larger sensors. It provides a thorough and effective cleaning process to ensure optimal performance.

Safe and Effective Cleaning Solution:

The VSGO cleaning solution is formulated to be safe and effective, removing dust, fingerprints, and smudges without leaving residue or streaks. The solution is alcohol-free, making it gentle on delicate sensor surfaces while providing powerful cleaning performance. Say goodbye to sensor spots and hello to consistently clear images.

Professional Cleaning Swabs:

The kit includes professional cleaning swabs specifically designed for APSc sensors. These swabs feature a lint-free design, ensuring that no fibers are left behind after cleaning. The swabs are precisely sized to match the dimensions of full-frame sensors, facilitating a precise and efficient cleaning process.

Compact and Portable:

Designed with convenience in mind, the VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit is compact and portable. Whether you’re on a photo shoot in the great outdoors or in the studio, this kit can easily accompany you, ensuring that you have the tools you need to keep your sensor clean and your images sharp.

Reusable Cleaning Tools:

Invest in a cleaning solution that keeps giving. The VSGO kit’s cleaning tools are reusable, allowing you to enjoy multiple cleaning sessions without the need for constant replacements. This makes the kit a cost-effective and sustainable choice for photographers who prioritize long-term value.

In conclusion:

The VSGO APSc Sensor Cleaning Kit is a must-have accessory for photographers who demand optimal image quality from their full-frame cameras. With features like full frame sensor compatibility, safe and effective cleaning solution, professional cleaning swabs, portability, dust-free environment maintenance, antistatic gloves, and reusable cleaning tools, this kit provides a comprehensive solution for sensor maintenance. Keep your images pristine and your sensor spotless. Invest in the VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit today and elevate the quality of your photography.



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Whats inside:

12x 24mm Cleaning Swabs

14.7 ml Sensor Cleaner (0.05 oz.)