VSGO MFT Sensor Cleaning Kit


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VSGO MFT Sensor Cleaning Kit

Clean your MFT sensor with the VSGO sensor cleaning kit.

Contains 12x microfibre tipped swabs.

1x bottle of sensor cleaning fluid.


Easily clean your APS-C sensor with this kit containing both the sensor cleaning solution and 12x microfiber swabs.


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VSGO MFT Sensor Cleaning Kit

Designed to clean your Full Frame or any cameras with CMOS or CCD sensors, the VSGO ILDC Sensor Cleaning Kit will be your ultimate cleaning companion everywhere you go. It features a 24mm wide sensor cleaning swabs packed in a vacuum aluminum foil package to avoid contamination. The 10ml sensor cleaner contains nonalcoholic and non-corrosive solution to protect your sensors from eroding. It can effectively clean invisible dust granules and even ink.

Product Features in Detail

Super Powerful Cleaning Ability

VSGO cleaner and adopting the ultrapure water at the resistance of 18MΩ as mother liquid. Specialize for sensor cleaning, special gel-like texture with active cleaning ingredients. Even one drop can show its best performance, bring you the purest cleaning experience.

Pioneer Vacuum Packing in Camera Cleaning Industry

As the first one in this line to produce in clean-room and adopting vacuum packing, VSGO is pursuing 0 pollution of cleaning tools which will contact precision equipment. Independent vacuum packing is also convenient and reliable.

Microfiber Excellent Cleaning Ability

Dedicated for sensor cleaning, extraordinary cleaning ability. Adopting superfine microfiber cleaning cloth as cleaning tongue piece, it precisely sweep off invisible dusts and particles from the sensors. Enough to deal with the trouble of CCD/CMOS getting dirty in most cases.

Accurate Size

Each VSGO sensor cleaning swab has been precisely processed to completely fit camera sensor. You can choose the correct sized swab for your sensor for handy cleaning.

Loads of Application

This cleaner is not limited to Full Frame sensors; you can also use it to clean lenses, filters, monitors, mobile phones, etc.

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Whats inside:

12x 16mm Cleaning Swabs

14.7 ml Sensor Cleaner (0.05 oz.)