VisibleDust V-Swab 1.6x Size – 11 Pack Clearance


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  • VisibleDust V-Swab 1.6x Size: A game-changing solution for sensor cleaning.
  • Patented Mini-Channels with Contour: Ensures even saturation for thorough sensor cleaning.
  • Patented V-Shaped Swab: Provides unmatched maneuverability inside your camera chamber.
  • Double Layer High Absorbency Fabric: Gentle, streak-free cleaning for delicate sensors.
  • DHAP Fabric™ Corner Swabs™: Targets and removes dust from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Exclusive Compatibility: Works only with CMOS Clean™ and VDust Plus™ cleaning solutions.
  • CurVswab™ Handle: Eliminates streak lines for professional-grade results.


In stock


VisibleDust V-Swab 1.6x Size – 11 Pack Clearance


Introducing the VisibleDust V-Swab 1.6x Size – a revolutionary solution for photographers and enthusiasts seeking a spotless sensor in their digital cameras. We’ve engineered this sensor cleaning swab with precision and innovation to deliver professional-grade cleaning results.



Experience the Power of Patented Mini-Channels with Contour: Our V-Swab boasts an exclusive design with mini-channels and a contour that guarantees an even saturation of the swab’s surface with our specially formulated cleaning solutions. This innovative feature ensures the thorough cleaning of your sensor, effortlessly removing stubborn particles and smudges.

Maximize Maneuverability with our Patented V-Shaped Swab: The V-Swab’s patented V shape offers unmatched maneuverability within your digital camera chamber. It conquers every nook and cranny, leaving no corner or crevice untouched, guaranteeing a comprehensive and pristine sensor cleaning process.

Harness the Cleaning Power of Double Layer High Absorbency Fabric: Our swabs feature a double layer of High Absorbency fabric, composed of super-soft, ultra-thin fibers. This gentle yet effective fabric is perfect for cleaning delicate sensors, leaving behind no streaks, pooling, or abrasions. Your sensor will remain flawless.

Target Stubborn Dust with DHAP Fabric™ Corner Swabs™: We recognize that some dust accumulates in those “hard-to-reach” areas. That’s why we’ve tailored our DHAP Fabric™ Corner Swabs™ to eliminate dust where regular swabs fall short. With these corner swabs, your sensor’s every nook and cranny will be immaculate.

Exclusive Compatibility: The V-Swab is compatible ONLY with our CMOS Clean™ and VDust Plus™ sensor cleaning liquid solutions. This exclusive compatibility ensures optimal cleaning performance, allowing you to trust that your sensor will be completely free from contaminants.

Achieve Precision with the CurVswab™ Handle: The CurVswab™ handle is purpose-built to establish optimal surface contact between the swab fabric and your sensor. Say goodbye to streak lines associated with regular swab handles. With the V-Swab, you’ll consistently achieve professional-grade results.



Elevate your photography and ensure your sensor remains in impeccable condition with the VisibleDust V-Swab 1.6x Size. Experience the difference that cutting-edge sensor cleaning technology can make, guaranteeing your images are free from imperfections. Trust VisibleDust for unrivaled quality and performance in sensor cleaning.


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