Velbon QRA-635L II Quick Release Adapter and Plate


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  • Two Bubble Levels
  • Magnesium Construction
  • 1/4″-20 Bottom Mount
  • 1/4″-20 Plate Mount


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Velbon QRA-635L II Quick Release Adapter and Plate

Product Description:

Experience photography efficiency like never before with the Velbon QRA-635L II Quick Release Adapter and Plate. This dynamic accessory seamlessly attaches to any tripod head with a 1/4″-20 threaded mount, offering swift and secure camera connections. Crafted from lightweight magnesium, it ensures durability without compromising portability, featuring two bubble levels for precise alignment on both horizontal and vertical axes.

Key Features:

Two Bubble Levels: Achieve perfect alignment with the QRA-635L II’s two bubble levels, allowing precise leveling of your camera on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Capture flawless shots with ease, even in challenging environments.

Magnesium Construction: Built with magnesium, this adapter and plate combination strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight. The durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability while keeping your gear setup lightweight for on-the-go convenience.

1/4″-20 Bottom Mount and Plate Mount: The QRA-635L II features a 1/4″-20 threaded mount for easy attachment to tripod heads, providing a universal compatibility standard. The quick release plate also utilizes a standard 1/4″-20 thread, fitting seamlessly onto most cameras, offering a hassle-free setup and removal process.


  • Material: Magnesium
  • Bottom Mount: 1/4″-20
  • Plate Mount: 1/4″-20


Elevate your photography game with the Velbon QRA-635L II Quick Release Adapter and Plate. Crafted for versatility and precision, this magnesium-built accessory ensures a seamless connection between your camera and tripod head. The addition of two bubble levels guarantees impeccable alignment, making it an indispensable tool for photographers seeking reliability and ease in their equipment setup. Upgrade your gear and embrace a new level of efficiency in capturing memorable moments.

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