Velbon Tripod Dolly DL-11


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  • Compact Dolly
  • Expandable to suite a range of tripods


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Velbon Tripod Dolly DL-11

Introducing the Velbon Dolly DL-11, the perfect companion for your video tripod and other standard-size tripods. Designed to provide smooth and effortless movement, this lightweight dolly allows you to capture stunning videos with ease.

The Velbon Dolly DL-11 features a reliable wheel locking system, ensuring stability and security during operation. Whether you’re filming a documentary, a wedding, or any other video project, this dolly offers exceptional maneuverability and precise control over your camera movements.

Compatible with the popular video tripod DV-7000, as well as medium-weight standard size aluminum and carbon fiber tripods from other brands, the Velbon Dolly DL-11 is a versatile accessory that expands the capabilities of your existing equipment.

Adjusting the dolly to your preferred settings is a breeze, thanks to the “white extension marks” that provide clear reference points for easy adjustments. With its 2-section arms and built-in handle, you can effortlessly position the dolly exactly where you need it.

The quick-clamp tripod mount shoes ensure a secure and quick attachment to your tripod, allowing you to set up and disassemble the dolly with minimal effort. Conveniently flip up the Deluxe Casters incorporated in the design to transform them into a No-Roll Stand System. This feature is particularly useful when you need the dolly to remain stationary, preventing any unintended movement.

With precision and durability in mind, the Velbon Dolly is crafted to withstand the rigors of professional use.. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing you with a reliable tool for your videography needs.

The Velbon Dolly DL-11 adds smooth motion to your videos, perfect for documentaries, interviews, and creative projects.. Capture cinematic shots, track subjects effortlessly, and bring a new level of professionalism to your productions.

Elevate your videography game with a Velbon Dolly and experience the freedom and versatility it brings to your tripod setup.

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