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Vanguard Veo Select 45BFM Backpack


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  • Versatile Design: Customizable access options for your gear and small tripod storage.
  • Rugged Protection: Safely fits cameras, lenses, and accessories in all conditions.
  • Organized and Comfortable: Bright interior, dedicated pockets, and ergonomic design.
  • Tablet and Tripod: Accommodates a tablet (up to 10.5″) and offers tripod solutions.
  • Weather-Ready: Complete with a rain cover for all-weather use.

The Vanguard Veo Select 45BFM Backpack is your adaptable, rugged, and weather-resistant solution for organized gear storage.


In stock


Vanguard Veo Select 45BFM Backpack


Introducing the Vanguard Veo Select 45BFM Backpack – the ultimate gear versatility companion for photographers and adventurers. This backpack is a testament to innovation and thoughtful design, offering a myriad of possibilities to cater to your unique storage needs.

Unparalleled Versatility:

With the Veo Select 45BFM, you have the power to choose your preferred gear setup. Whether you opt for full front access, quick side access, or easy top access, this backpack adapts to your workflow. Need space for a small tripod? No problem – it’s a breeze to store it either inside or externally.

Rugged Protection:

Your valuable gear deserves the best protection, and the Veo Select 45BFM delivers. It can securely house a DSLR or mirrorless camera, up to five lenses (including a 70-200mm f/2.8), a flash, and various accessories. You can even bring along video gear or a small drone. Thanks to sturdy construction, robust dividers, and Vanguard’s water- and scratch-resistant materials, your equipment remains safe and dry in all conditions.

Organized Efficiency:

Finding your essentials is a breeze with the bright-colored interior. Stay organized with dedicated pockets for your tablet (up to 10.5″), notebook, and other necessities. A concealed rear pocket keeps your wallet and travel documents secure, close to your body, and out of reach for potential thieves.

Comfortable Carrying:

Venture confidently with the Veo Select 45BFM’s padded airflow back and harness, designed for optimum comfort even during extended use. When you’re on the move, attach it to your wheel-along luggage for effortless navigation through airports. The convenient handle adds extra versatility to your carrying options.

Business-Oriented Design:

Perfect for the modern photographer on the go, this backpack combines form and function. In addition to its photography gear capacity, it can accommodate a 10.5″ tablet, making it ideal for both creative and professional pursuits.

External Tripod Carrying and Rain Cover:

The Veo Select 45BFM also features the VEO TRIPOD LINK, an external tripod carrying system, and internal storage for small tripods. Plus, the total-coverage rain cover ensures your gear stays clean and dry, no matter the weather.

In summary, the Vanguard Veo Select 45BFM Backpack is the embodiment of adaptability, protection, organization, and comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, videographer, or simply an adventurer, this backpack is designed to meet your ever-evolving needs, ensuring your gear remains safe and easily accessible wherever your journey take you.


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Color Black
Exterior Dimensions 299 x 210 x 464 mm
Interior Dimensions 267 x 127 x 425 mm
Item Weight 1.48 kg
Max Load Weight Capacity 8.7 kg
Tablet/Laptop Storage Up to 10.5″