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Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Adapter


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  • Aluminium construction
  • Arca swiss compatible
  • Hole for guiding pin
  • Mounts via 1/4″ 20 screw


In stock


Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Adapter

Elevate Your Optics Experience

Transform your binocular setup into a powerhouse of stability and versatility with the Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Adapter. Meticulously designed and engineered in Australia, this adapter ensures a seamless and secure connection between your binoculars and support systems, promising an enhanced viewing experience for all your outdoor activities.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Mounting: The BA-185 adapter features an easy mounting system using a standard 1/4″ 20 female screw. This ensures a secure and stable connection, making it compatible with a wide range of binoculars equipped with a 1/4″ 20 mounting socket. Enjoy the flexibility to switch between handheld and tripod use effortlessly.
  • Robust Aluminium Construction: Crafted from durable aluminium, this adapter is built to withstand the challenges of outdoor exploration. Its robust construction guarantees longevity, providing you with a reliable companion for your wildlife observations, birdwatching, or any outdoor adventure.
  • Integrated Arca Swiss Plate: Experience the convenience of an integrated Arca Swiss plate, adding a layer of versatility to your setup. This feature allows seamless compatibility with various tripod heads, ensuring a quick and secure mounting process. Transitioning from handheld to tripod use has never been smoother.
  • Guiding Pin Hole for Stability: The adapter incorporates a guiding pin hole designed to align with Arca Swiss receivers. This thoughtful addition enhances stability and prevents unwanted movement, ensuring that your binoculars stay precisely positioned for optimal viewing, even during extended observation sessions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mounting Screw: Standard 1/4″ 20 female screw
  • Material: Durable aluminium construction
  • Plate Compatibility: Built-in Arca Swiss plate
  • Guiding Pin Hole: Included for precise alignment with Arca Swiss receivers


The Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Adapter stands as an indispensable accessory for enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled optics experience. Its user-friendly mounting, rugged aluminium build, integrated Arca Swiss plate, and guiding pin hole collectively make it a reliable and versatile choice. Elevate your binocular observations with this precision-engineered adapter, ensuring steady and immersive viewing in any outdoor setting.