TruView Digital Photo Album


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Key Features

  • The TruView Digital Photo Album is compatible with SD/MMC/MS and USB
  • This will Read up to 16GB Cards
  • Supports JPG, MP3 & AVI file formats
  • Transfer photos easily from your memory cards, or computer
  • Personalize your album’s front cover with a favorite photo.
  • 18 Built-in  Memory card storage area store up to 100,000* Photos!
  • Remote included
  • Portable – Rechargeable Battery last up to  2 Hours


Out of stock


TruView Digital Photo Album

Your Personalized Memory Showcase

Preserve your cherished memories with the TruView Digital Photo Album—an innovative blend of technology and sentimentality. This digital album revolutionizes how you relive your moments, providing a versatile and personalized approach to photo viewing. Up to 16GB Cards

Key Features:

Memory Compatibility:

  • Compatible with SD/MMC/MS and USB, making it easy to transfer photos from various sources. Read only up to 16GB cards

File Format Support:

  • Supports popular file formats—JPG for photos and AVI for videos.

Effortless Transfer:

  • Easily transfer photos from memory cards or your computer, ensuring a seamless experience.

Personalized Front Cover:

  • Add a personal touch by customizing the album’s front cover with your favorite photo.

Spacious Memory Storage:

  • Boasts an impressive 18 built-in memory card storage areas, accommodating up to 100,000* photos.

Display Modes:

  • Choose between full-screen photo display or opt for a view of four photos per screen.

Multifunctional Capabilities:

  • Enjoy features like slideshow, zoom, video playback, and background music (available on full-function models).

Remote Control:

  • Navigate through your memories effortlessly with the included remote control.

Portable and Rechargeable:

  • The album is portable, and its rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 hours, ensuring convenience.


In conclusion, the TruView Digital Photo Album is more than a device; it’s a memory showcase. With versatile features, personalized touches, and convenient portability, this digital album transforms the way you reminisce. Whether full-screen photos or multiple per screen, enjoy your memories with the TruView Digital Photo Album—a testament to modern technology preserving timeless moments.

* Please note that this will only support up to 16GB Cards*

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  • 8″ Screen

Comes with: Digital Album, Remote Control, AC Adapter, USB Cable